Starmer and Phillips Clash Over Brexit

JESS Phillips has this morning sensationally criticised the message her party campaigned on in the General Election.

She told Andrew Marr that offering free broadband was “not believable” and “part of the problem why voters didn’t trust the party to deliver.”

She said that whilst she marched against the Iraq war she isn't against interventions where there is a 'moral and legal' case.

However, she hinted that she would campaign in future for Britain to rejoin the EU saying, “if our country is safer, more economically viable, inside the EU then I will fight for that.”

Leadership contender Keir Starmer has warned against “blindly following the Americans” into another war.

Starmer wants to establish whether the US action was legal in the first place.

As regards the EU, he told Andrew Marr, “we in the Labour Party have to accept the result and focus on what comes next.”

In response to questioning as regards the General Election result, Starmer, who launches his campaign in Stevenage later, said, “we lost the public's trust to be a force for good and a force for change.”

He cited a lack of clarity and leadership issues, the handling of anti-semitism, and not knocking down Boris Johnson’s claim to 'get Brexit done' as some of the reasons for the defeat.

Mr Starmer refused to say what policies he would drop but said an argument for rail nationalisation “makes itself.”