Raab Says Arrest Of British Ambassador In Tehran Is Against The Law

FOREIGN Secretary, Dominic Raab, last night accused Iran of "a flagrant violation of international law" after the arrest of the British ambassador in Tehran and then released after 3 hours.

Raab told TBG - “The Iranian government is at a cross-roads moment.”

“It can continue its march towards pariah status with all the political and economic isolation that entails, or take steps to deescalate tensions and engage in a diplomatic path forwards."

It’s emerged that the ambassador was attending a vigil which evolved into a protest and was arrested on the way back to the British embassy but later released.

Hot on the heels of Boris Johnson’s statement earlier, the Security minister Brandon Lewis has this morning said that the arrest of the UK ambassador in Iran is a “completely unacceptable breach of Vienna Convention.”

He also said that the UK does wants to remain in Europol and is ambitious for security deal with EU.