Good News On The Economy

THE economy grew by 0.1% in the three months to November 2019. It's grown year on year since 2010 by a total of 19% which is faster than France, Italy and Japan.

UK exports rose by £5.1 billion in the 3 months to November totalling £177.5 billion over the period. British firms’ global exports totalled £679.5bn last year and 53% of goods exports went to non-EU markets. Exports of goods to non-EU markets are up 7.5%.

Boris Johnson told TBG - “By getting Brexit done on 31 Jan, we have the opportunity to negotiate trade deals with countries across the world, placing British businesses at the heart.”

Liz Truss told TBG - “It is Great to see demand for British goods in non-EU markets is growing at its fastest for over a year.”