Corbyn Bids To Block Brexit Again

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to AGAIN try and block Brexit.

DESPITE leading his party to its worst defeat since 1983 the Labour leader will attempt to block Boris Johnson’s plan to end the Brexit transition period on 31st December this year.

Instead, Mr Corbyn wants the transition to be extended to 2023.

Corbyn’s move has even been criticised by his own Brexit spokesman..

Keir Starmer told Sky News yesterday - “The most important thing is that we learn the lessons of the last general election.”

Starmer, who remains favourite to take over from Corbyn would, according to You Gov, beat Rebecca Long Bailey by 61% to 39% in a run off if the contest was held now.

Yet that hasn’t stopped one group of lefties from setting up their own petition to keep Corbyn as leader.