Boris New Year Message: Brexit Is A New Chapter

BORIS Johnson promised a fresh start for Britain.

In his New Year Message the PM told TBG - “We can start a new chapter in the history of our country.”

“One in which we come together and move forward united.”

“Thus unleashing the enormous potential of the British people."

Boris said that the Conservatives' resounding election victory had "driven an electoral bulldozer" through the “deadlock in Parliament” and “offered a way out of the division, rancour and uncertainty" surrounding the Brexit debate.

“That oven-ready deal I talked about so much during the election campaign has already had its plastic covering pierced and been placed in the microwave.”

“The loudest message I heard during the election campaign is that people expect us - expect me - to protect and improve the NHS."

“I am acutely aware that there are millions of people who did not vote for me and were disappointed by the result.”

"If you are one of them, I want to reassure you that I will be a prime minister for everyone, not just those who voted for me.”