Battle For The Labour Party Intensifies

A war for the heart and soul of Labour after their fourth successive election defeat is this morning intensifying.

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn got a dressing down from Mary Creagh who lost her Wakefield seat and accused him of being a, "man without honour and without shame.”

Today though, Tony Blair is set to have his say and Keir Starmer is expected to announce he will stand for leader.

Starmer is the bookies favourite but TBG understands that Rebecca Long Bailey is set to pose a serious threat after her flat mate Angela Rayner all but endorsed her.

One other MP worth keeping an eye on is Wigan MP Lisa Nandy.

She told Newsnight last night - “If I genuinely believe I can understand the root to regaining the trust of lifelong labour voters, who felt that they couldn’t vote Labour… then yes, of course, I would do it.”