Tory Brexiteers Go On Attack

TBG can sensationally reveal that a huge row has broken out at the heart of Brexit.

It’s between Tory MP Steve Baker and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

With Farage set to announce 500 candidates for the General Election today, Wycombe MP Baker accused Farage of “setting out” to create a “weak and indecisive” hung Parliament.

Baker told the Telegraph, “Nigel Farage’s critique [of the Brexit deal] is wrong.”

“Whilst there are some compromises people like me have to swallow, Boris’s deal is a path to a great future.”

“But we will not succeed if Nigel Farage creates a hung parliament by dogmatically pursuing purity.”

Farage had earlier told Andrew Marr: “If Boris was going for a genuine Brexit, then we wouldn’t need to fight him in this election.”

The row broke out after Tory brexiteer Mark Francois told LBC that Farage is putting Brexit at risk and has lost the plot adding, "Even Bill Cash supports the deal!"