Round Up Of The Day: Labour In Turmoil

If you have been following our Facebook feed from TBG Towers throughout the day and thought the Tories were having a bad day then tonight you might think twice about it.

Because a potential civil war has erupted inside Labour.

It came as Tom Watson dropped the ultimate campaign bombshell of announcing not just that he’s quitting as Deputy Leader next month but quitting politics altogether.

In short, Watson said “After 35 years in full-time politics I've decided to step down and will be campaigning to overcome the Tory-fuelled public health crisis.”

“I'm as committed to Labour as ever.”

“I will spend this election fighting for brilliant Labour candidates and a better future for our country.”
And just to rub the salt in the wounds, tonight former Labour MP Chris Williamson announced he’s off too.

Except that’s he’s going to stand against the official Labour Candidate in Derby North first!

Labour’s troubles actually started this morning when, shortly after Jon Lansman got selected to stand in Luton North, they pulled out their Remainer candidate in Leave voting Bassetlaw.

Sally Gimson has been accused of “inappropriate behaviour in a Labour Party meeting” after being selected just a week ago to replace John Mann.

TBG understands that the real reason allegedly is that Sally Gimson has been forced out to make way for a left wing candidate to keep Momentum happy.

One Labour source told TBG “You get dropped for being rowdy in meetings, but not for being a racist or an anti Semite it seems.”

The polls haven’t got much better for Labour either.

A new Ipsos MORI poll gives the Conservatives a seventeen point lead whilst a You Gov poll taken after the Jacob Rees Mogg fiasco shows them still eleven points in front.

The reason for the lead holding up?

Well, Ipsos Mori also found that a huge 75% of the people questioned are dissatisfied with him Jeremy Corbyn and just 15% are satisfied.

And all that before even more Labour moderates are expected to throw in the towel tomorrow.