More Labour Chaos

THERE'S even more Labour chaos today.

The latest Labour Candidate under pressure is West Derby’s, Ian Byrne.

TBG has heard that LBC has unearthed some abusive social media posts from him directed at female politicians.

He also suggested that Boris Johnson's mum had been "raped by Jimmy Savile.”

Liz Truss told TBG - “This is a man has stood on a stage with Jeremy Corbyn.”

“The Labour leader continually calls for a kinder, gentler politics but has continued to preside over a culture of sexism, misogyny and abuse within his own party.”

The above is his election leaflet that has some very high profile endorsements.

Last night the Labour candidate in Clacton, Gideon Bull, quit over anti Semitic remark.

TBG has also uncovered this tweet [left] showing support for Chris Williamson.

A Labour candidate in Aberdeenshire has also quit following a row over anti-Semitism. Kate Ramsden stood down in the Gordon constituency after the Jewish Chronicle highlighted a blog post from her.

Another Scottish Labour candidate, Frances Hoole, has also been dropped over a social media post attacking her SNP opponent.