Farage Throws Down The Gauntlet

TBG always knew that there was going to be a catch to the story we ran yesterday. Now we know what it is

AT the Brexit Party General Election Campaign launch this morning Nigel Farage said “the real deal is a LEAVE alliance.”

He urged Boris Johnson to reconsider the terms of the deal itself, likening Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal to a car that has “a shiny bonnet but a rubbish motor.”

Under the new slogan “Drop the Deal” Nigel Farage says that if Boris Johnson will drop the deal and go for a Canada style free trade deal then he would back an alliance with the Tories.

But will he take the plunge and stand for Parliament himself?

Well, as things NOW stand, Nigel Farage says the Brexit Party will contest every seat in England, Wales and Scotland with 500 candidates lined up and ready to go on Monday.

Mr Farage said there may be seats where they won't compete against those willing to leave on a free trade deal or WTO terms.

He said they have until November 14 to decide.

Farage says there are 150 Labour seats that the Conservatives can't win but could form “a non aggression pact.”

He said that, “Boris Johnson's deal is not Brexit.”

“It is a bad old treaty and simply not Brexit.”

“It is can kicking for three years.”

“We are committing to negotiating for up to 3 years in line with the political declaration.”

“Thus meaning we are aiming for regulatory alignment.”

“Monsieur Barnier is rather more brilliant at negotiating than our side.”

As a result, the Brexit Party will be taking on the Tories in target seats including Portsmouth North, Portsmouth South and Chichester.

Mr Farage also says he sees a number of Labour seats as “top targets” allegedly including that of Yvette Cooper.

The Brexit Party will consider on a local basis, not campaigning against “friends.”

This means sitting MPs who publicly renounce Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Mr Farage said Donald Trump is a “fan” of Boris Johnson but says the President is no fan of the government’s Brexit deal.

The Conservatives have reacted to Mr Farage.

A Downing Street spokesman told TBG - “A vote for Nigel Farage risks letting Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street via the back door and the country spending 2020 having two referendums on Brexit and Scottish independence.”

“It will not get Brexit done.”

“It will create another gridlocked Parliament that does not work.”

Even so, Mr Farage says they’ve already been approached to make informal arrangements with candidates who want a “clean break Brexit.”

A Labour source told TBG there are 30 to 40 seats where they believe the Brexit Party standing could split the pro-Brexit vote and give Labour a better chance of winning.

They include Lincoln, Great Grimsby, Wakefield, Don Valley, Portsmouth North and Portsmouth South.

One Cabinet minister reckons the Brexit Party actually might help them win some seats because they take voters who would never vote Tory from the Labour Party anyway.