Electoral Pact on Isle of Wight

THE second pact of the 2019 General Election is about to be done, TBG can sensationally reveal.

It’s on the Isle of Wight where Bob Seely currently has a majority of 21,069.

Labour finished second then, the Greens third with the Lib Dem’s a distant fourth.

This time though the Lib Dem’s are sensationally pulling out to let the Greens have a clear run.

A statement sent to Lib Dem’s members last night and leaked to TBG said this:

“We will not be standing in this General Election on the Island.”

“The Liberal Democrats nationally have decided that a electoral alliance with the Greens to maximise the remain vote is the best cause of action on the Isle of Wight.”

“I am disappointed that you and other Islanders will not get the chance to vote for the Liberal Democrats given our unique policies and I realise that many of you will be unhappy about the lack of choice but I would urge you to recognise the critical issue of Brexit and know that our small step back will help other Liberal Democrat candidates around the UK.”

“We hope you can respect what has been a deeply difficult decision taken by the local and national party.”

“In 18 months everyone will have a chance to vote for a Liberal Democrat Council and I would ask you to attend the meeting on the 6th November, make your voice heard and help us build towards a renewed Liberal Democrat Island.”

It’s understood that local members are to instead sent to help Portsmouth South candidate Gerald Vernon Jackson in the four way marginal seat of Portsmouth South.