Chaos In Canterbury

THERE is absolute chaos in both Labour and the Lib Dems in Canterbury after a unilateral alliance sensationally backfired, TBG can sensationally reveal.

It’s all over the national party’s decision to find a candidate to replace Tim Walker who stood down earlier today to give Labour’s Rosie Duffield a chance to unite the Remain vote and beat the Conservatives.

Duffield was sensationally linked with a move to the Lib Dems herself just weeks ago.

A local source has told TBG that the local party members had a vote amongst themselves.

They decided not to field a candidate.

However, this was overruled by Lib Dem’s HQ.

Thus meaning that local members have until Thursday to select a new candidate.

There are four local Lib Dems who are approved candidates.

However, not a single one is willing to stand.

Thus meaning that the national party will now have to impose a candidate on Canterbury from outside the city completely.