Boris Refuses To Send EU Commissioner

TBG can reveal this morning that a major row is brewing in both Westminster and Brussels that could see Britain sensationally kicked out of the EU even before a vote has been cast.

As we reported on Facebook last night, Boris Johnson is refusing to appoint an EU Commissioner.

Boris says it’s against election rules.

What’s more, the Deadline of Nov 11th has apparently already been missed.

Boris’ argument is that "the UK should not normally make nominations or put forward candidates for senior international appointments (including appointments to European institutions) until after the election."

TBG can’t wait for Brussels response later today.

Only last night Donald Tusk said that campaigners should never give up on stopping Brexit.

Belinda De Lucy told TBG “Demoralising voters and our faith in the ballot box by wearing us down, telling us our vote didn’t count because we weren’t educated enough to vote like them, is one of the most destructive by products of the Remain campaign.”