Boris Races His Message To CBI “Like A Formula One Motor Car”

BORIS Johnson left Jeremy Corbyn standing as he raced his “Get Brexit Done” message home this morning by pledging to remove “the parliamentary blockage in this dynorod election” by “embarking on an infrastructure revolution” abandoning a promised cut to corporation tax so that the money saved can go straight to the NHS.

Thus proving that his Conservative Party is one of small business as well as big business.

In a direct reference to Mr Corbyn’s anti business attitude Boris told the CBI “We don’t sneer at them, we cheer at them!”

Mr Johnson ridiculed Jeremy Corbyn’s EU plan for a new deal and second referendum claiming that a Sturgeon-Corbyn government would consign the country to months of dither and delay.

He promised to roar Britain ahead “like a Formula One Racing Car” and pledged that he will keep Sajid Javid as Chancellor if his party wins the election.