Boris Gives Green Light To Nature For Climate

BORIS Johnson announced today that a new £640 million Nature for Climate fund will increase tree planting in England.

The government would work with the Devolved Administrations to triple UK tree-planting rates to 30,000 hectares every year.

That’s space for at least 30 million more trees.

And all in line with recommendations from the independent Committee on Climate Change.

Under the plans, existing woodland like the Northern Forest and Northumberland Forest would be expanded and new forests would be created across the country.

Towns and cities would also benefit with more trees planted in urban areas to improve air quality.

The fund would also be used to restore degraded peatland across the country.

Thus turning it from a source of carbon to a means of soaking up carbon, as well as replenishing native wildlife populations.

Boris Johnson told TBG: “There is nothing more conservative than protecting our environment and these measures sit alongside our world-leading commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”