Boris Gets Tough On Knife Crime

BORIS Johnson this morning set out how he would get tough on knife crime.

✔️ Anyone caught unlawfully with a knife will be immediately arrested, charged within 24 hours and expect to be in court within a week.

✔️ The Police will be empowered to target known knife carriers with new court orders.

✔️And there will be a funding boost for violence reduction units.

Boris told TBG “We have a comprehensive plan to cut down on the incidence of knife crime and to deal severely with those who commit these kinds of crime.”

“It consists of long-term measures to deal with the causes of crime including family breakdown, poor education and a culture of indiscipline and tough policing to catch those who carry and use knives, robust sentencing for those committing knife crimes, and a system for rehabilitating young offenders to stop them committing knife and other crimes in the future.”

“We need to send out a clear and unequivocal message that knife crime is unacceptable, and that carrying a knife will lead to serious punishment.”