Will The Bells Toll At Midnight Or Will We See White Smoke?

TBG can sensationally reveal that Boris has called in the ERG and DUP to No.10. Could we be close to a deal?

There was a meeting between Steve Barclay and Michel Barnier in Luxembourg this morning.

Mr Barnier sent mixed messages afterwards saying that turning good intentions into legally operable text is getting more and more difficult but could still be possible this week.

Both the UK and the EU want to sound steadfast in their own position.

However, at same time they are doing their utmost to get a deal done.

It still looks tough to get a deal over the line this week IF finding an EU-UK middle ground is not only to be agreed but translated into legal text.

All EU eyes would then turn to Westminster and an extraordinary session of Parliament this Saturday.

Could the Prime Minister avoid being forced into requesting new Brexit extension? Or could he given reprieve until the end of the month?

The EU certainly is not keen to look into the no deal abyss again if possible.

So, as things stand, the Deadline is tonight for an agreement.

That was the message to EU Ambassadors in Luxembourg from Mr Barnier - If a deal is going to get the green light from EU Leaders at the Summit.

Yesterday, talks lasted until midnight.

The Latest rumour from the BBC’s Vicki Young is that Boris May ask Parliament for a one week legally binding extension before the Benn Act comes into force.

TBG Understands that as the 20 former Tories and some independent and some Labour MPs want a deal it would pass by use of either a government motion or another SO24.

Thus playing the rebels at their own game!

Zac Goldsmith told TBG "Where there's a will there's a way.”

“I don't think it serves our interests as a country to be in a permanent state of division and paralysis.”