Why Send £1bn Per Month To The EU When We Can #GetBrexitDone

Our Prime Minister’s Speech To The Conservative Party Conference was Classic Boris Johnson Gold.

What a relief to hear a leader promising a vision for Britain beyond Brexit that will be truly ground breaking.

He is absolutely right to say that if the UK Parliament had been I'm a Celebrity, everyone would have been voted out and Speaker John Bercow would have been left to eat a kangaroo testicle.

They are a laughing stock!

Why send £1 billion a month to the EU when we can #GetBrexitDone?

I wish Boris and his constructive and reasonable proposals well.

We have 45 free trade deals ready, 40 new hospitals ready to go, and can deliver the economic growth that makes the investments possible.

Like Boris and unlike Corbyn, I too am fed up with being told our country can't do something when I too passionately believe we can.

We need to get Brexit done because it is the only way we can bring our country to together!