Tory MP To Challenge Surrender Act

CONSERVATIVE MP Daniel Kawczynski has tonight confirmed that following a personal meeting with Barristers, he has shared written legal advice on loopholes in ‘Surrender Act’ with colleagues, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The Barristers believe he has a case to take to the Courts and people are encouraging him to pursue.

He said the Benn Act may actually fall foul of European law.

Mr Kawczynski said he had informed the Chief Whip and invited Conservative Party whips to observe the proceedings.

He told TBG “I am in discussions with an established London law firm and two senior barristers.”

"We believe there are loopholes in the Benn Act that we can take to court, to try to test the legislation.”

"The Benn Act is a rag-bag, badly drawn up piece of legislation, it never faced proper scrutiny.

"Ironically, there are areas of European Union laws that govern international negotiations between EU countries under which we might be able to take it to court."