The Free Trade Canada Style Boris Brexit Deal

The Prime Minister has out manoeuvred Brexit opponents and his critics at every turn since he took the job. Now he is on the verge of securing a clean & orderly Brexit with a solid plan. Something many people said he couldn't do and was impossible.

BORIS Johnson has just told UK Parliament that his new Brexit Deal proposals show a seriousness of purpose.

The deal is fundamentally different to May's Withdrawal Agreement because it ends with a free trade agreement [Canada style relationship] between the EU and the UK. Unlike Mrs May's plans for a UK-EU relationship with a closely integrated customs arrangement the UK will not be tied to any EU regulation or institutions at all.

Boris made clear that the entire UK will leave the Customs Union at the end of the transition period & orderly Brexit in January 2021 but customs checks will be done electronically and in traders' premises not at or near the border.

Also, the Prime Minister was clear that there can be no deal without replacing the backstop, which the government has made concrete and legal suggestions.

Boris said he has 'shown great flexibility' and if EU does not respond in kind “we will leave without a deal."

Jeremy Corbyn called the proposals "vague" and said they would lead to a "worse deal' than Theresa May’s.

Mr Corbyn demanded the full legal text and said "No Labour MP could support it".

Five Labour MPs including Melanie Onn have said they will.

Both Corbyn and Ian Blackford described the proposals as a cynical attempt to shift the blame for no deal.

Both also pressed Boris to comply with the Surrender Act.

Blackford argued that the proposals ask for the consent of Northern Ireland but not of Scotland.

Under Boris’ deal the UK will be able - after Brexit - to "reduce VAT not only in the United Kingdom but also in Northern Ireland as well".

Boris Johnson said: “Under our proposals, Scotland would take back control of our fishing grounds and be able to turn them to the advantage of the people of Scotland."

Junker says the EU remain "open but unconvinced".