Support Grows For Boris' Brexit Deal

THE fear of no deal seems to have finally woken up MPs, TBG can reveal.

Support for Boris’ Brexit deal was growing at a very rapid rate last night.

Party Chairman James Cleverly says he believes the PM’s Brexit deal will pass “if everybody sticks to their word and votes the way they said they would.”

He told TBG: “We’re working to get the deal over the line.”

Already, Brexiteers who opposed the May deal are backing Boris.

John Baron said: “There’s been a fundamental improvement in this deal. If there’s no deal struck in the transition period up to December 2020, the UK has the right, with the Northern Ireland provisions in place to leave on no-deal terms.”

Alistair Burt said: “The whip is immaterial.”

“I want to leave having done the right thing.”

Labour MP Ronnie Campbell told Newsnight he will back Boris’ deal.

And TBG understands that 19 rebel Tories who lost the whip are now backing the deal including Nicholas Soames.

The news came on a night that produced a sensational by-election result too.

It saw the Conservatives GAIN Westcourt (Gravesham) from Labour and just look at the changes:

CON: 50.1% (+21.0)
LAB: 32.0% (-5.5)
UKIP: 11.8% (-11.1)
GRN: 6.1% (+6.1)

If this is what it’s like at local level on the ground and with the Brexit Party already fracturing at the seams one can only look forward to seeing what the next national polls say.