Starmer Wants Second Referendum Between Deal And Remain

ON the day that Oliver Letwin raised the prospect of extending the transition period if a Free Trade Deal's not done in time, TBG can sensationally reveal that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was this morning absolutely clear that the government thinks it has the numbers to pass the Brexit deal this week.

Raab told Andrew Marr: “Parliament can't muzzle the Prime Minister.”

"Given Labour’s 2017 Manifesto commitment on Brexit, calling for a second referendum is a clear breech of faith with the electorate.”

The Foreign Secretary added that the Tories won't deregulate but will have "smarter regulation.”

“Let’s get on and get this done”, he said.

Meanwhile, Michael Gove told Sky News: “The extension letter was sent because parliament required it to be sent but Parliament can't change the PM's mind or the government's policy.”

Mr Gove also confirmed that the Government had triggered operation Yellowhammer and accelerated plans for a No Deal Brexit.

Labour are all over the place.

Keir Starmer is expected to table amendments tomorrow calling for Britain to stay in the Customs Union and having a second referendum between deal or remain.

Yet Lucy Powell was on Ridge this morning asking for more understanding of where Labour MPs are coming from and going to.

She also reminded them where the party comes from: “giving voice, power and representation to working people.”

“We decide we don’t want to represent those people anymore at our peril.”

A theme echoed by Grimsby MP Melanie Onn who said a People’s Vote “would be a sell out without Labour values.”

Crewe Labour MP Laura Smith told Twitter - “The EU is no beacon of workers' rights. The ECJ ruled that freedom of business trumps workers' collective bargaining rights. This means many thousands of UK public sector workers - including in our health service - get paid less than they should for the job” by being in the EU.