Sandbach Joins The Lib Dems

ANTOINETTE Sandbach has joined the Lib Dems, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The Liberal Democrats have announced the MP for Eddisbury and former Conservative will contest her seat as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the coming General Election.

She said she was “excited and liberated” to join the Lib Dem’s.

She accused the Government of going towards a “head long no deal” saying it was the “final straw.”

“I’m standing as a Liberal Democrat because of the values of the party.”

“I could have chosen to stand as an independent but I want to stand for a progressive centre-ground liberal party.”

“And I see the two main parties being stuck in the past and floating off to two extremes.”

“The Liberal Democrats reflect my values.”

“The polarisation over Brexit has led to a change in the way that we act.”

“We used to have a reputation for being polite and listening to each other with respect.”

“I think it’s a shame that that has been lost.”