Return of The Gaukeward Squad

With Gauke, Hammond, Grieve and now David Liddington causing chaos in the papers as usual, Downing Street was forced to issue a statement late last night.

A Downing Street source told TBG "We are a long way from a final deal and the weekend and next week remain critical to leaving with a deal on October 31."

THE Withdrawal Agreement Bill to be part of Queen's Speech on Monday.

Speaking in response to Hammond, Grieve and Liddington’s remarks in the Mail on Sunday Zac Goldsmith told TBG: “The veil has well and truly fallen.”

“These people never had any intention of honouring they referendum, despite their solemn promises to their constituents."

“They are a disgrace.”

Nadine Dorries told TBG “Their plan is and always was to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.”

“As Boris and team work flat out, undertaking three years work in three months they plot away mocking the 17.4m people who voted to leave and dared to hope it would actually happen.”

The news came as Jacob Rees-Mogg appealed to Brexiteers in the Sunday Telegraph to “compromise.”

Mr Rees Mogg said “As a Leaver Boris can be trusted.”

"If he thinks the ship of state is worth an extra ha’porth of tar he deserves support."