Malthouse 'Can Get DUP On Board' As Macron Comes Out Against Extension

CABINET will meet in No.10 at 4pm today for an update on the European Council and to look forward to tomorrow.

So far, so good seems to be the message as Boris aims to get Brexit done.

Latest is that Kit Malthouse believes he can still get DUP on board, TBG can sensationally reveal.

President Macron has said he doesn't want a Brexit delay.

MPs on board with the Deal include John Mann who says that the number of Labour MPs voting for the deal will be in double figures.

He was joined by Frank Field who urges Labour MPs to get real and vote for the deal - “The time for kicking the van down the street has ended.”

“Labour MPs have to make a decision.”

“They can’t keep saying if only this little bit were changed, then I would respect my constituents wishes.”

Leave.EU would prefer a 'purer' Brexit, but back this deal against another delay and more Remainer plots to thwart Brexit altogether.

They told Twitter “This is war, not a battle - let's move on and crush the antisemitic Labour Party with a Patriotic Alliance for a huge majority!”

Brexit backing Conservative MP Ross Thomson is backing Boris’ deal.

He previously said a trade border in the Irish Sea would risk the fabric of the Union and be a gift to the SNP.

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan told TBG - "Whether or not this vote goes through tomorrow Boris Johnson wins."