Labour Will Try To Block Parliament Sitting

HOT on the heels of our scoop last night that saw the government table it's motion for Super Saturday, TBG can sensationally reveal that Labour are set to vote AGAINST it.

Instead, we understand that they may try and take control of the order paper via an SO24 at 9:30am this morning in order to try and legislate for another referendum on either the government deal or a no deal scenario.

The government though how other ideas because TBG can also sensationally reveal this morning that Boris Johnson is en route to Brussels himself now to try and use EU laws to dodge the Surrender Bill.

This is because, as was the case when Theresa May sought her extension's, until we have officially left the EU, European law takes precedence over British law.

Something that TBG hinted at on Monday after comments made by Jacob Rees Mogg on BBC Radio 4.

Boris and his allies are set to argue that a formal declaration from all 28 national leaders including himself that there is no need for an extension would, therefore, be legally binding.

A Downing Street source told TBG that even though it may end up back in the Supreme Court, "it is worth a go!"

So stand by for some early morning fireworks both sides of the channel in the coming hours!