Government Table Motion For Super Saturday

THE Prime Minister has just briefed his Cabinet and the 1922 Committee. TBG understands that the Government is to table a motion for UK Parliament to sit on Saturday from 9:30am to 2:00pm, TBG can reveal.

Earlier, Hilary Benn confirmed TBG’s sensational rumour that MPs could try to take control of order paper on Saturday is true to attach another referendum to any new deal.

So expect developments on that tomorrow.

The ERG are back in Number 10 now. The DUP are set to return to Number 10 after the ERG.

Donald Tusk says there could be more hours of talks.

As things stand, the EU are not to meet now until 8:00pm Brussels time but that again could be later.

Daniel Kawczynski told TBG “We are now entering the very critical last phase of negotiations.”

Expect fireworks later tonight.