Gove: SNP Fail To Prep For No Deal In Order To Smash Up UK

With no deal still a possibility TBG can sensationally reveal that Michael Gove has today accused some SNP ministers of deliberately failing to prepare for a no-deal Brexit in the hope the ensuing chaos helps "smash up the United Kingdom."

Gove urged them to consider "the interests of Scottish citizens first", before their desire to boost support for separation, and appealed to "wiser voices in the Scottish Government" to make the necessary Brexit preparations.

Gove’s extraordinary intervention came shortly after he met representatives from the three devolved administrations in Edinburgh to discuss the Brexit negotiations and their preparations.

Mr Gove said SNP ministers have allocated a "miserly" £50,000 to each council, despite areas like Aberdeenshire needing much more to ensure they can issue the export health certificates that will be required for the fishing industry.

"One of the worries I do have is that, while there are some ministers in the Scottish Government who do take seriously their responsibilities, I do worry sometimes that the overriding purpose of the SNP is to smash up the United Kingdom and to separate families.”

“I sometimes wonder that not just in rhetoric but in policy the SNP, instead of thinking of the interests of Scottish citizens first, thinks of the interests of their own agenda."

“These issues are far too important to be politicised in that way and I hope that the wiser voices in the Scottish Government will prevail in order to ensure that people do act where they need to act, in order to make sure that the sovereign decision that the United Kingdom's electorate came to is honoured.”