Gaukeward Squad Causing Trouble

THE so called 'Gaukeward Squad' unveiled their latest recruit last night. He’s another Cameron loyalist and former Havant MP David Willets, TBG can sensationally reveal.

We are not surprised either.

Willets was part of a Remoaner clan that blocked an ardent Brexiteer from returning to the party fold recently.

The former Education Secretary told a packed fringe meeting that “the single market has been one of the biggest triumphs of British power and diplomacy in Conservative history.”

At the same meeting Dominic Grieve said he’s found the last three years “amongst the most tiring and wearying of my life.”

Grieve was heckled by an audience that shouted back “It’s your fault!”

Another Tory member told David Gauke at the same meeting that “he's not a Tory.”