EU Chief Calls Boris A Traitor In Frenzied Attack On PM

BORIS Johnson is the “real traitor” who blames everyone except himself for Britain’s political deadlock.

That’s according to one the European Union’s Brexit negotiators as Guy Verhofstadt launched a personal attack on the Prime Minister shortly after a call from Michel Barnier calling for both the EU and British sides to show respect for each other.

"The only one who is not to be blamed is Mr Johnson apparently", he said.

“All those who are not playing his game are traitors, are collaborators, are surrenderers.”

“The real traitor is he or she who risks bringing disaster on his country, its economy and its citizens by pushing Britain out of the EU.”

“That in my opinion is a traitor.”

”It is a blame game.”

“A blame game against everybody.”

“A blame game against the EU. A blame game against Ireland. A blame game against Mrs Merkel.”

“A blame game against the British judicial system.”

“A blame game against Labour. A blame game against Lib Dems. Even a blame game against Mrs May”
, he told the European Parliament earlier