EU Cave In

THE Times is reporting a major climbdown in Brussels this morning.

It’s on consent by allowing a double majority in the NI assembly to leave new Irish backstop after five years.

EU diplomatic sources are now prepared to concede unilateral revocation of the withdrawal treaty as long as both communities agree to it.

Ireland and the EU are concerned that the government’s current proposal gives the DUP a veto of the deal.

In return for giving Stormont a “lock” over the deal in the future, the EU wants the government to accept a customs border in the Irish Sea because it is time limited if the people of Northern Ireland were to decide against it.

It is basically a Northern Ireland only backstop but with a time limit in the form of consent for Northern Irish people.

Would have been unthinkable before Boris Johnson became Prime Minister.

The offer is seen as an eleventh hour attempt to find a “landing zone” for a deal before the weekend and a make-or-break summit for European leaders next week.