DUP Hits Back At Varadkar

The DUP have hit back at Leo Varadkar following TBG's scoop yesterday.

The DUP described his comments as “incendiary and outrageous.”

They also said they “exposed the reality” that the Irish government’s true intention was to keep Britain in the EU.

Nigel Dodds told TBG that his comments were “a clear ramping up of rhetoric designed to derail any realistic prospect of a deal”.

“The flippant Dublin reaction to the Prime Minister’s proposals has also exposed the reality that the Irish government would never have consented to the United Kingdom leaving the backstop if it had been implemented.”

“Our message to Leo is simple.”

“He should reflect on his comments and his intransigent approach.”

“He is destined to go down in history as the Taoiseach who restored a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland because his friends in Brussels will insist on it.”

DUP Leader Arlene Foster said - “We are certainly moving into the territory of no deal despite the fact that our PM has put forward a very reasonable deal to the EU, if that’s going to be their reaction, then... People will have to bear the responsibility of that.”