Court Turns Down Attempt To Force PM To Ask For Brexit Extension

It looks like the Govt submission saying Boris Johnson would send the extension letter worked.

The process has for now not been taken out of the PM's hands as it could have been.

Anti-no deal campaigners say they will use a different legal method in court tomorrow to try again.

The court said - “There can be no doubt that the first respondent now accepts that he must comply with the requirements of the 2019 Act and has affirmed that he intends to do so."

The EU Surrender Act legislation was passed by MPs with the intention of preventing the UK leaving the European Union without a deal on 31 October.

The Court of Session, which sits in Edinburgh, will consider later this week whether it has the power to sign a letter requesting a Brexit extension in the absence of Boris Johnson doing so.

Lord Pentland, who had been asked to consider the effects of the Benn Act, said - “I approach matters on the basis that it would be destructive of one of the core principles of constitutional propriety for the Prime Minister or the government to renege on what they have assured the court that the Prime Minister intends to do.”