Cameron Tells Boris To Get A Brexit Extension

IF you thought you had heard the last of David Cameron now that his book is on the shelves think again.

The former Prime Minister was out promoting it in front of an audience of 2,000 at the Barbican tonight.

And guess what came up? You’ve guessed it - in the words of George Osborne - “that bloody referendum!”

Dave said, “It was becoming inevitable.”

“People forget about Blair pledging a referendum in 2005.”

“The political pressure was growing and there was a genuine problem of Britain outside the Eurozone.”

“The most significant moment of the campaign itself was the immigration figures coming out two weeks before polling day.”

“I wanted Boris on my team but over Brexit I think he made a huge mistake.”

“I think he thought his side was going to lose.”

And talking about the current log jam Cameron said “You can’t disobey the law as prime minister.“

“Parliament has said what has to happen next.”

“You have to have the extension.”

And there was TBG thinking a Leave meant Leave.