Brexit Update: Deal Draft Text Submitted By UK Government

BORIS Johnson is this morning increasingly optimistic that a Brexit deal can be agreed by both the EU and UK Parliament this week. Draft text of the Deal has been submitted by the UK Government to the EU this morning, TBG can reveal.

Stephen Barclay currently speaking to Brexit Select Committee says, “We are focused on a deal" and called the Surrender Bill “an issue for the future.”

“This House can move very quickly as you (Benn) proved”, said the Brexit Secretary.

A meeting of EU27 ambassadors on Brexit is provisionally scheduled for 1400 Brussels time.

TBG understands that Boris Johnson will brief his Cabinet At 4:00pm UK time and address a mass meeting of the 1922 committee of Conservative backbenchers at 7:30pm UK time. However, All of this could end up being much later.

All the political furniture is in place for a Brexit deal to be unveiled and response is already in place.

Mark Harper said, “If we don’t have the DUP on board and we don’t have some of my Conservative colleagues, (presumably the ERG), the deal isn’t going to get through parliament.”

“I think the prime minister is very well aware of that.”

Steve Baker of the ERG said, “I will vote for a tolerable deal.”

“And I'm as ready as ever to vote against an intolerable deal.”

“It all hinges on analysis of the legal text of a proposed deal and its effect.”

“Eurosceptics tend to be tediously meticulous on this point.”

The DUP released their statement after 90 minutes meeting in Number 10 last night.

It said, “We respect the fact that negotiations are ongoing."

“It would be fair to indicate gaps remain and further work is required.”

Talks continue on floor 5 of EU HQ in Brussels and regular updates will be on the TBG Facebook page.