Brexit Opponents Bamboozled By Government Extension Policy

COURT documents [above] supposedly from the Prime Minister's briefcase say Boris Johnson will seek a Brexit extension from the EU if no withdrawal deal is reached by 19 October, TBG can reveal.

Sky say the revelation in a Scottish court appears to be a direct contradiction of what the prime minister has said in public, insisting there would be no further delay and that the UK would leave the bloc on 31 October, with or without an agreement.

The government has always stated it will obey Labour's Surrender Act and the law, so not much new here.

According to Jo Maugham QC in court today, The Government is saying that it will send the Surrender (Benn) Act letter and it will not frustrate the Act by seeking to persuade a Member State to veto our request for an extension.

However, Steve Baker told Twitter - "All this means is that Government will obey the law. It does not mean we will extend. It does not mean we will stay in the EU beyond Oct 31. We will leave."

The government have responded saying “The government will comply with the Benn Act, which only imposes a very specific narrow duty concerning Parliament’s letter requesting a delay.”

"The Benn Act was drafted by an unknown subset of MPs and pro-EU campaigners which can be interpreted in different ways, but the govt is not prevented by the Act from doing other things that cause no delay including other communications, private and public.”

“People will have to wait to see how this is reconciled.”

“The Government is making its true position on delay known privately in Europe and this will become public soon.”