Boris Unveils Ground-Breaking Vision For Post Brexit Britain

BORIS Johnson was in amazing form in Manchester today promising a vision for Britain beyond Brexit that will be truly ground-breaking putting the NHS at the top of his agenda with massive investment.

The Prime Minister attacked Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to accept a General Election accusing John McDonnell and Keir Starmer of being behind a Kremlin coup.

“If Parliament were a laptop then I’m afraid the screen would be showing the pizza wheel of doom. If it were TV reality show then whole lot of us would have been voted out of the jungle. Though I’d like spectacle of seeing the Speaker eat a kangaroo testicle”

"We have the astonishing spectacle of the leader of the opposition being prevented by his colleagues from engaging in his constitutional function."

"If Corbyn were allowed into Number Ten he would whack up taxes, foul up the economy, rip up the alliance between Britain and the U.S, and he would break up the U.K."

He told conference that if UK Parliament had been I'm a Celebrity, everyone would have been voted out and Speaker John Bercow would have been left to eat a kangaroo testicle.

He revealed that his mum voted Leave and promised to stand up for the 17.4 million.

"Do we want to send £1 billion a month to the EU?"

"No, we want to get Brexit done!"

"Today in Brussels we are tabling what I believe are constructive and reasonable proposals."

"We will take back control of our fisheries"

"We want to turbo charge the Scottish fishing sector - they (the SNP) would allow Brussels to charge for our turbot!"

"We will have those free trade deals."

PM said he will ban the shipment of live animals after Brexit. And wants "A country where you can live your life and love who you choose."

"We are the party of the NHS." The PM championed - "The public figuratively gather at your bedside and pay for the best doctors and nurses when you are sick"

"It is our one nation conservatism that has delivered and will deliver the economic growth that makes those investments possible."

Boris pledged to rid UK of the, “County-line drug gangs who send kids out to die in the streets to feed the cocaine habits of the bourgeoisie [middle classes]”

On the economy he promised, "We are going to drive up productivity."

"I'm fed up with being told our country can't do something when I passionately believe it can."

"Let's get Brexit done and bring our country together!"