Boris Forced To Send Unsigned Extension Request and Attaches Second Letter Saying It’s A Bad Idea

As TBG predicted yesterday, the government pulled the meaningful vote after the Letwin amendment passed.

As a result, Boris has sent a letter to the EU as per the Benn Act but has NOT signed it.

Sensationally, Boris has also sent a signed SECOND letter saying that the extension request on the part of Parliament is a mistake.

TBG also understands that Boris spoke to Merkel, Macron and Tusk to explain the situation as regards the latest blatant attempt to overthrow democracy.

Four Labour MPs abstained on the Letwin amendment.

They were Sarah Champion, Rosie Cooper, Melanie Onn and Derek Twigg.

One ex Tory MP abstained (Anne Milton).

Two current Tory MPs abstained (Edward Leigh and Caroline Spelman).

Five Labour MPs voted against Letwin (Barron, Campbell, Fitzpatrick, Flint and Hoey).

Nine ex Tory independents voted for the Letwin amendments (Boles, Clarke, Gauke, Greening, Grieve, Hammond, Letwin, Rudd and Sandbach).

As well as sending letters to Brussels the PM also sent a letter to his own MPs who were all encouraged by the latest opinion poll showing a 13 point Conservatives lead.

The poll by Opinium has the following Westminster voting intentions:

CON: 37% (-1)
LAB: 24% (+1)
LDEM: 16% (+1)
BREX: 12% (-)
GRN: 4% (-)