Boris Pulls A Blinder

BORIS Johnson sensationally called opposition MPs bluff today by offering them more time to scrutinise his Brexit deal in return for a General Election on December 12th.

With a new do or die Brexit deadline set to be rubber stamped as November 15 tomorrow TBG expects MPs to have serious second thoughts in the coming days.

The new Brexit timetable now looks like this:

If the Commons approves the timetable and then the deal before Parliament is dissolved then the European Parliament would vote at a 13/14 November plenary for Britain to have left the EU the following day.

Of course Remoaners have other ideas.

As things stand they are already trying to seize control of the order paper next week yet again.

Jeremy Corbyn said he would not support an election until a no-deal Brexit is "off the table”. But unless a deal is ratified No Deal is never off the table, the end of any extension would still finish in a No Deal scenario.

Ian Blackford, said "we want an election but these terms are not acceptable," adding that the poll should take place earlier than the middle of December.

Something which is not possible.

The Lib Dem’s still want another referendum.

Channel 4 News reported that the Budget is off too.

Fireworks are banging!