Boris' Final Brexit Offer Revealed

TBG said earlier on Facebook that rumours were rife of a huge Brexit announcement by the Prime Minister at Conference in the next 24 hours.

Well, here it is!

Boris Johnson will tomorrow Wednesday unveil a radical new ‘two borders for four years’ Brexit plan which will leave Northern Ireland in a special relationship with Europe until 2025.

The plan was briefed to major EU capitals earlier today.

The plan means that Northern Ireland will remain parts of the EU single market even though it will leave the EU customs union alongside the rest of the UK.

After four years, the Northern Irish Assembly will be free to choose whether to remain aligned to the EU or not.

Dominic Cummings has said privately that the UK is prepared to walk away if the EU refuse to engage seriously with the offer.

Judging by Boris’ rousing reception at an event hosted by the DUP Tonight the idea has gone down very well.

ERG members are also said to be pleased with the movement too.

Who said Boris couldn’t do it - TBG thinks he’s on to a winner.

A No.10 official told TBG: ”This government will not negotiate delay.”