Bercow & Co Roadblock Brexit

TBG can confirm that according to our Downing Street source, the government will pull today's meaningful vote if Speaker John Bercow allows any amendments, that's if Mr Speaker allows the vote at all as he is likely to block it.

The government is also likely to scrap any attempt to get a Brexit deal through Parliament if MPs vote for customs union amendment tomorrow.

A General election could then follow by the end of November.

At the Court of Session this morning Judges decided to delay a decision in a case which seeks to ensure that the Prime Minister doesn’t allow a no-deal Brexit.

The Judge accused the Prime Minister of “sailing close to the wind!”

The Current thinking is that John Bercow will not allow the vote today, there is a plot to keep Britain in customs union that is likely to fail, a Second referendum vote could be close but is also likely to fail and Then it's all about whether a short extension will be needed to get Brexit legislation through.

Although we should point out that the government intends to get all legislation through within a week.