Welsh Labour Undermine Corbyn Brexit Neutrality

HOURS after Jeremy Corbyn said that he and his party would be neutral in any second referendum a major leak says the contrary, TBG can sensationally reveal

Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford has sent this email to his Welsh Labour members earlier today.

It says that “any type of Brexit, even the softest possible, will cause potentially irreparable damage to Wales and its economy.”

Which underlines why TBG thinks Corbyn’s real policy is to block the clean Brexit that 17.4 million voted for.

Speaking in response to TBG‘s story on Labour splits Johnny Mercer MP said - “Corbyn has said, I will enact the will of the British people - that's what Boris Johnson is trying to do at the moment, that he rallies against every day... That current Labour leadership is trying to treat people as though they're stupid.”