Union Barons To Prop Up Corbyn

STAND by for fireworks at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton later today.

TBG has heard that a clutch of trades union barons could be set to defeat the ardent Remoaners in crunch Brexit votes later.

Whilst Corbyn himself wants to remain neutral but keep Leave off any future ballot should Labour win power, front bench members led by John McDonnell, Keir Starmer And Emily Thornberry all want to Remain at all costs.

No wonder Boris was out campaigning in Labour’s northern heartland recently.

Voters are not as daft as Labour think they are.

This morning Hilary Benn, Labour MP and chair of the Commons Brexit committee, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme Labour's position of a second referendum was "sensible" and the "the only way out of the deadlock we are facing".

Meanwhile Emily Thornberry told Twitter - “Whatever the proposed terms of departure are, and whichever government proposes them, I believe we must not just demand the public has the final say, but lead the campaign to Remain.”

Unite boss Len McKluskey has other ideas though.

McCluskey told the Daily Telegraph - “When we have a policy on Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn makes clear that is the policy, that is what leading members of the shadow cabinet should be arguing for.”

“If they find they can’t argue for that, because they feel strongly, then of course they have that right but they should step aside.”