Tory MP Defects To Lib Dems

TBG can sensationally reveal that the Lib Dems will unveil Sam Gyimah as their new MP.

UPDATE 19:20: Lib Dems have unveiled Sam Gyimah as their new MP.

Gyimah was one of 21 MPs who had the Tory whip withdrawn for voting against a no deal Brexit.

His Conservative majority in East Surrey is 23,914 (or 40.4%). Lib Dem’s came third there in 2017.

Gyimah accused the Tories of accusing the prime minister of “veering towards populism and English nationalism”.

Gyimah said he had left the Conservatives to fight against the government’s “scorched earth approach” to delivering Brexit regardless of the cost to the country.

“I listen to ministers undermining the courts,” he said. “Ministers questioning experts because their views are inconvenient for what the government is saying about no deal. You have a government that says law enforcement is the centrepiece of its platform, and yet says in another breath that it will pick and choose what laws it chooses to respect.”

"This is in many ways undermining key pillars of our constitution and the functioning of our democracy. The issue for me is not just Brexit. It is beyond Brexit – how you conduct politics and the veering towards populism and English nationalism."