Spread The Surrender Act Says Cummings

DOMINIC Cummings last night ordered Downing Street special advisers to continue to spread “The Surrender Act” for that is what it is, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Cummings said there would be an election in November and claimed Labour were trying to silence use of the word because “they know it’s hurting them”

Two Labour MPs, Paula Sherriff and Jes Phillips, did television interviews yesterday both of which seemed to be appealing for sympathy.

Yet TBG readers know full well that they themselves have used threatening behaviour and language in the past too.

Paula Sherriff, for example uses the word “betrayal” on her own web site HERE

And of course Jess Phillips has spoken of her determination to see Labour win the general election, saying she would knife Jeremy Corbyn “in the front, not the back” if it looks like he is damaging the party’s chances of electoral success.