Rudd U Turn On Electoral Reform - Plans To Stand As Independent With 20 Tories

FIRST it was Boris’ “do or die” Leave on 31st October.

And tonight Amber Rudd will make a call for a change in the electoral voting system in the U.K.

Is this another Amber u turn?

We found the above image on Amber’s web site earlier.

It’s emerged tonight that the cross party alliance of MPs that TBG reported on earlier this week including Nick Boles, Caroline Flint and Rory Stewart are vowing to thwart Boris Johnson's plan to hold an general election before Brexit has been resolved.

Former Conservative cabinet minister Sir Oliver Letwin is now said to be the unofficial leader of the rebel group which now also includes the former DWP Secretary Amber Rudd.

Letwin, Guto Bebb, Richard Benyon, Alistair Burt, Ken Clarke, Richard Harrington and Sir Nicholas Soames are all standing down at the next election but it’s understood that Rory Stewart and Amber Rudd are not.

Rudd claims that up to 20 Tories could stand as "Independent Conservatives" at the next election.

TBG understands that Rudd is eyeing up the Mid Sussex seat but Rory Stewart wants to remain in Penrith.

However, Rudd's plan for the whipless Tories to band together has not gone down well with the rebels.

One rebel source told TBG “People are on a different page to Amber.”

“I don't want the whip back.”

“I think she's ruffled some feathers and she's swanning in as if people want a saviour."

“It's like this notion of her being part of 'the rebel alliance'.”

"I don't think many of us feel that aligned to her.”

“It's almost like she wants to have a medal for a war she's not fought."

Ms Rudd's plan to stand as an Independent Conservative also faces legal obstacles.

According to the Electoral Commission, independent candidates in elections are not allowed to add any other words to their description on the ballot paper, meaning 'Independent Conservative' would not be allowed.