Rudd To Tell Opposition MPs To Back A Brexit Deal

FORMER DWP Secretary Amber Rudd will today call on a cross party group of MPs to support a Brexit Deal, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Yesterday TBG reported that up to 50 Labour MPs could defy the whip and Jeremy Corbyn to back a deal.

And 24 hours earlier we revealed the names of MPs from other parties willing to compromise.

They include Lib Dem Norman Lamb who is said to oppose the party’s new policy of revoking Article 50, Nick Boles, Rory Stewart, and Jeremy Lefroy.

Rudd is set to say - “Politicians have a responsibility to acknowledge the crisis we are in and to find solutions,”

“To use guile, persuasion, intelligence to find the compromise to reconcile the conflicting duties of the referendum and their responsibilities.”

“I continue to believe that compromise is the right approach.”

TBG understands that a compromise would require the EU to accept some form of “alternative arrangements” to ensure there was not a need for physical infrastructure at the border.

TBG has also learnt that should the Supreme Court rule against the government next week, the group may try themselves to take control of Parliament by using another emergency Standing Order 24 debate through speaker John Bercow.

TBG also understands that should Rudd be allowed back into the Tory fold she will NOT be standing in Hastings but applying to be candidate in Mid Sussex instead.