Rees-Mogg Goes To War With Rebels

JACOB Rees-Mogg has this morning accused "deceitful" and "underhand" MPs planning a last-ditch Commons move to block No Deal Brexit of being too frightened to face an election.

TBG yesterday exposed 21 potential plotters who could bring down the government even before former Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt joined in.

Other plotters including former Chancellor Philip Hammond hope to seize control of the Commons agenda from the Government this week, allowing them to pass laws that would thwart No Deal.

Mr Rees-Mogg today describes such "politicking" as "unconstitutional" and says opponents are "too frightened" to use the other route open to them which is a confidence procedure.

Downing Street sources told TBG that any MP who votes against the government this week will lose the whip and Douglas Carswell tweeted yesterday that this applies to abstentions too!

Hold your hats folks!