Plot To Oust Corbyn Underway

LABOUR strategists now predict a 30% fall in U.K. Parliament seats after the General Election, the civil war in Labour has got even worse.

TBG understands that a new plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn is underway.

A series of What’s App messages have been sent between plotting MPs trying to come to a consensus for a way forward.

Labour have not won a General Election since 2005 and many MPs fear that unless the party changes course, they could be facing a disaster at the eventual General Election.

Some MPs are already conceding defeat in 30% of current UK Parliament Seats.

This morning Jeremy Corbyn refused NINE times to say if Labour would support Brexit - even if they negotiated a new deal with the EU.

The Unite boss urged Labour's remainer rebels to resign if they can't sing "from the same hymn sheet".

Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday he said - “My message to them, to Emily and anyone else, is to support your leader.”

“Emily Thornberry is a fantastic politician, she has been loyal to Jeremy, if we get to a position where Jeremy is saying let’s not make our decision on how we campaign until we get a deal, they should support that.”

Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly MP told TBG - “Jeremy Corbyn can’t lead his own party, let alone the country.”

“Jeremy Corbyn can’t even make up his mind on the most important issue facing the country.”

“Jeremy Corbyn would delay Brexit until at least 2020 and even longer if the EU demand it.”