Perry Fuming At Daughter Losing Whip

FORMER MEP and Leader of Hampshire County Council, Roy Perry, is said to be fuming at the news that his daughter, Caroline "Naughty" Nokes has lost the Tory whip.

Nokes is said to be distraught after disobeying whips earlier this week.

She’s alleged to have told colleagues that as a single mother she has no other way of earning a living if she doesn’t hang on to her job at the next election.

Nokes was praised as "a good, hardworking, local young woman" by David Cameron just before she snatched the marginal seat of Romsey and Southampton North from the Liberal Democrats in 2010.

Yet shortly after signing a Westminster 2010 declaration promising to "act according to Christian conscience" it was reported that Nokes had been having an affair with a former executive of the party’s youth wing, Conservative Future.

Nokes once told a glossy magazine she was "too pretty to be in politics".

Despite allegedly pleading poverty TBG can disclose that when she was married to ex husband Marc, she lived in a detached house on the edge of the New Forest, bought in 2004 for a cool £685,000.